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Other Vapor and Leisure Gas parts such as Filters - Gas Valves - Distribution Valves - Level indication

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  • High Pressure Filters

    High Pressure Filters for the filtration of paraffin from the gas (LPG) to protect the pressure regulator and gas equipment. Can be connected directly to the gas bottle or to the input of the pressure regulator or in the high-pressure pipe.

  • Adapters & Tees

    Couplings / Tees and Adapter pieces for vapor applications in Motorhome, Caravan and Food Truck and for leisure purposes

  • Quick Couplings

    High pressure and Low pressure quick couplings to interrupt a gas hose

  • Gas Valves

    Manual Gas Valves - Quick-closing valves - Distribution valves for vapor gas installations and for shutting off and distributing gas in Motorhome, Caravan, Food Truck, Garden or Camping

  • Level Gauges

    Gas Level Gauges for LPG tanks and gas bottles with LED content indication. Sensor and switches

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item