Gas Hose

Various types of hose: Gas hose (LPG/CNG) - Water hose - Petrol hose - Leisure gas hose - High & Low Pressure Hose - Vent Hose

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  • Gas hose (LPG/CNG)

    Various Diameters with R67-01 and R110 Approval

  • Car heater Hose

    Car heater Hose Coolant hose for heating LPG evaporator

  • Petrol Hose

    Petrol hose to connect to petrol shut off valve, carburetor and fuel pump

  • High Pressure Gas Hose

    High Pressure Gas Hose / Pipe. Connection between the LPG tank (gas bottle) and the pressure regulator. Available in various lengths, with or without a hose rupture valve and with various couplings.

  • Low Pressure Gas Hose

    Low Pressure Gas Hose. To connect between the pressure regulator / distributor valve and gas appliance such as a cooker, refrigerator or heater.

  • Vent Hose

    Vent hose for discharging excess gas to the exterior / outside.