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Reduced price! BRC IN03 GLT LPG injector Max Orange MY09R MTM (old type) BRC sequent View larger

BRC IN03 GLT LPG injector Max Orange MTM (old type) BRC sequent

09SQ99020002G - 104898


BRC IN03 GLT LPG injector Max Orange MY09R (Old type) BRC Sequent


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Data sheet

Application:BRC Sequent until 2009
CharacteristicMax Orange
Right of WithdrawalWhen connecting (Electric, Gas or coolant) to this product, the right of withdrawal expires.

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BRC IN03 GLT LPG injector Max Orange (Old type) BRC Sequent


The Original IN03 injector from MTM, which was used before 2009 in the BRC gas systems.


Original IN03 injector from MTM. It is used, among others, with the following LPG systems:

BRC Sequent until 2009


Size: Max/Orange (Label Color)

Code: 55.BRC.962
manufacturer: BRC
Manufacturer code:09SQ99020002G


Delivery content:

- Injector IN03 MY09R Max Orange
- Bag with small parts (Sealing gaskets)


Number of homologation E13 67R-01 0223 Class 2


Warning: Please make sure that your current injectors also have a threaded connection at the output. To avoid confusion, you can send us in advance a photo of built-in injectors via email.




Genius MB800






Genius MAX

Normal TypeAspirated23HP/cyl.28HP/cyl.31HP/cyl.-
Max TypeAspirated-35HP/cyl.40HP/cyl.40HP/cyl.
Super Max TypeAspirated--47HP/cyl.47HP/cyl.


Background information regarding problem with gas injectors:

In most cases the problem is caused by the fact that the injectors are contaminated with paraffin (oils and greases from the LPG). The filter in front of the injectors must ensure that the injectors do not contaminate quickly. This filter will eventually become saturated and must be replaced every 20,000 km. If the filter is not replaced, the paraffin will no longer be trapped and end up in the injectors.
It is not the case that the injectors leak or do not open anymore. But the opening and closing time are no longer correct. The injectors remain open longer than they should (with dynamic behavior), which means that too much fuel is being dosed. (too rich mixture)
The injectors will then deviate, especially with short injection times (low engine load). The engine is going to run messy and there are too large differences between the injectors. Cleaning the injectors often makes no sense, because there is often too much wear in the injector occurred, as a result of which the guide of the plunger (sealing disk) no longer has the right fit. The plunger does not go smoothly and lord, but goes up and down stumbling and wobbling.

If the injectors are replaced without replacing the filter, the new injectors will soon become dirty again. (read symptom control, no long-term solution)


Door (Almere, Netherlands) op09 Oct. 2018 (BRC IN03 GLT LPG injector Max Orange MTM (old type) BRC sequent) :

Vervuilde injectoren

Een paar maanden geleden een gebruikte auto gekocht met BRC gassysteem. Maar kwam helaas niet door de APK keuring, want het CO was te hoog. Toen bleken de injectoren zwaar vervuild te zijn. Het gasfilter was al heel lang niet vernieuwd geweest. Ik wist ook helemaal niet dat dat moest. Meteen op aanraden alle 4 nieuw besteld plus een 12mm filter. Na 2 dagen alles binnen. Was eigenlijk een makkelijk klusje om ze te vervangen. Probleem dus gelukkig gemakkelijk verholpen.

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