About us
Bougiewebshop.nl is part of Luccio Engineering. Luccio Engineering is a company specialized in LPG- and Natural Gas systems for vehicles.

What we do?

Bougieshop.nl sells spark plugs for engines that run on petrol but also for engines that run on LPG-/Natural Gas systems. Our company Luccio Engineering provides LPG systems en technical advise for importers, garages and others.

Luccio Engineerng also develops new technical products. For example

  • Dual fuel gasinjectie
  • Gasmaster (gas-ECU for classic cars)
  • USB-Interfacekabels
  • OBD2 Scantools

Luccio Engineering
Luccio Engineering was established in 2003. The owner is Marcel Snoek. In the years before Marcel Snoek work in Research and Development for the company's Landir Renzo en Eurogas. In his time working for those two company's he was responsible for the development of the Landi en Eurogas Omegas Injection System.

Cooperation with other businesses:
Over the years Luccio Engineering has created a close collaborative partnership with other businesses: