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Valve Saver distributor 3 cylinder



Valve Saver distributor 5 cylinder


Suitable for:

Standard VALVE SAVER SYSTEM (Flashlube / JLM / etc)


Electronic VALVE SAVER KIT with PUMP (Valve protector / V-Lube)

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Valve Saver distributor 3 cylinder


Distributor for Valve Saver lubricant per inlet channel of each cylinder.
Connect the hose from the Valve Saver kit to the inlet of the distributor.
The type of connection depends on the type of valve lubrication system. The standard valve lubrication systems (Flashlube, JLM, Premium) use a rubber hose which can be slid over the connection on the distributor.
Or the Valve-Protector or V-lube systems use a white harder hose which fits into a special coupling.
The standard is 3 cyl. distributor with brass connection to which the rubber hose of the valve lubrication system (Flashlube, JLM, Premium) can be connected.
If you use a VALVE SAVER KIT with PUMP (Valve protector / V-Lube), you can screw the kit's connection to the distributor. (First remove the brass connection).

Connection to the intake manifold:
You connect a distributor branch to each inlet channel of the manifold. Do this by first drilling a hole in the inlet channel and then tapping the M6x1 thread. DO NOT TAP THIS TOO WIDE! Mount an injection nozzle in each inlet channel and secure it on the thread with locking agent.

Aansluitpunt M6

Do not install the distributor insertion nozzle too close to the cylinder head. In other words give the insertion nozzles some distance from the cylinder head, so that the liquid has the opportunity to distribute well in the inlet channel, so that the liquid distributes well over the valves.


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