AEB 551 LPG Safety relay with adjustable choke time



For a Classic LPG system (car with carburetor)
This safety relay (Safety Switch) is used to automatically close the gas shut-off valves when the engine stops. (Security requirement)

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AEB 551 LPG Safety relay with adjustable choke time


Manual with connection diagram is included.

Safety Relay with Adjustable choke time.


Take the pulse signal from the low voltage side of the ignition coil (-1). That is the signal that comes from the contact points or the electronic control of the ignition coil. Also called the Primary Coil Driver.

DO NOT use the high voltage wires (spark plug wires) as a pulse signal. This is sometimes used by wrapping a wire around and connecting it to the relay. This can cause a lot of noise and interference and peak voltages, causing the relay to behave erratically and fail more quickly.

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