AEB 375 Electronic Relay with 40 sec. delay




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AEB 375 Electronic Relay with 40 sec. delay

Manual with connection diagram is included.


This device is used to perform a memory reset of the petrol injection central unit (ECU) of the car in case it shows wrong petrol carburations after the gas running or in case the engine failure warning light switches on both with gas and gasoline and remains on also by switching off and on again the car.

The AEB375 emulator disconnects the memory wire after 40 second from the moment the car has been switched off. This delay is necessary because in some Fiat or Citroen or other cars there are some original anti - theft alarms that, when switching off the car, for some seconds communicate with the injection central unit (ECU) that, during this period, must be supplied.


AEB375 shows a LED inside the box that indicates its operation:

a) LED ON = device active (memory wire connected)

b) LED OFF = device inactive (memory wire disconnected “memory reset”)


AEB375 is connected directly to the original + 12 V ignition of the car, therefore also in case of failure to the gaselectric system it cannot be damaged, thus allowing the user to use the car both with gasoline and to reach a servicepoint for checking.