Landi Renzo LPG Injector Rail RGI MED - 4x Injectors - Without Pressure Sensor Connection


Gas systems: Landi Omegas (Direct) /Eurogas Omegas /Landi LSI
Approval Injector: E13 67R-010234 - E13 110R-000058
Approval Rail: E13 67R-010233 - E13 110R-000057
Type and Variant: RGI 25 4 cyl. Without sensor connection (=closed)

The injector size is indicated by the color of the plastic cap and the code on the top of the injector next to the plug connection.

FREE GAS FILTER included (type F-781)

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Application:voor Eurogas of Landi Renzo Omegas - FIAT OPEL RENAULT CITROEN PEUGEOT SKODA VW
CharacteristicWithout Pressure Sensor AMP / Bosch Connectors
Right of WithdrawalThe right of return expires when the transparent packaging is opened.
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Landi Renzo LPG Injector Rail RGI MED - 4x Injectors AMP / Bosch Connector - Without Pressure Sensor Connection (=Closed )


Brand: Landi Renzo
Type number: RGI-25-4C-CS
Approval number: E13 67R-010233 - E13 67R-010234 - E13 110R-000057
Injector Approval Numbers: (LPG) E13 67R-010234 - (CNG) E13 110R-000058
Injector Rail (Holder) Approval Numbers: (LPG) E13 67R-010233 - (CNG) E13 110R-000057
Injector size: This is a choice option
Electrical connection: Bosch AMP 2 Pole
Note: ATTENTION! Without sensor connection (=closed)

For Gas systems: Landi Renzo Omegas, Eurogas Omegas, Landi LSI
Different factory systems: Citroen, Dacia, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, VW



Note: the color (size of the injector) is indicated by the color of the plastic cap on the top of the injector.

Choose your injector size / color: Green / Black /White / Orange / Blue / Purple
(Small) Green Injector Landi MED GI25-22 until 20 kW per cylinder
(Medium) Black Injector Landi MED GI25-65 until 28 kW per cylinder
(Large) White Injector Landi MED GI25-80 until 37 kW per cylinder

(Small) Orange Injector Landi MED GI25-22 until 20 kW per cylinder
(Medium) Blue Injector Landi MED GI25-65 until 28 kW per cylinder
(Large) Purple Injector Landi MED GI25-80 until 37 kW per cylinder


If you DO NOT replace ALL the injectors, there are many possibilities of differences between your new and old (contaminated) injectors, so the engine will still work badly and it may even seem that the new injectors do not work properly. All injectors are controlled with more or less the same injection time. The old injectors will dose more gas than the new injectors, because they are still accurate. Because the average mix is still too rich, the engine management will shorten the injection time, so that the new injectors will deliver even less. This will be particularly noticeable with a low engine load (idle) and much less noticeable with a higher engine load (not a high speed, but with the accelerator pedal well depressed).

Therefore it's important to replace all the injectors at the same time.


Also do not forget to replace the gasfilter othrewise the new injectors will be contaminate quickly again.


Background information regarding problem with gas injectors:

In most cases the problem is caused by the fact that the injectors are contaminated with paraffin (oils and greases from the LPG). The filter up stream of the injectors must ensure that the injectors do not contaminate quickly. This filter will eventually become saturated and must be replaced at least every 20,000 km or before. If the filter is not replaced, the paraffin will no longer be held in the filter and end up in the injectors.
It is not the case that the injectors leak or do not open anymore. But the opening and closing time are no longer correct, due to the pollution. The injectors remain open longer than they should (with dynamic behavior), which means that too much fuel is being dosed. (too rich mixture)
The injectors will then deviate, especially while short injection times (low engine load). The engine is going to run messy and there are too large differences between the injectors. Cleaning the injectors often makes no sense, because there is often too much wear in the injector occurred, as a result of which the guide of the plunger (sealing disk) no longer has the right fit. The plunger does not go smoothly and lord, but goes up and down stumbling and wobbling.

If the injectors are replaced without replacing the filter, the new injectors will soon become dirty again. (read symptom control, no long-term solution)

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