LPG Engine Conversion Kit LOVATO RGE for carburettor cars (excl. mixer)


Choose Type of Reducer / power:

- LOVATO RGE090 (up to 125hp) + 6mm Piping

- LOVATO RGE140 (up to 200hp) + 8mm Piping

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  • RGE090
  • RGE140

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LPG Engine Conversion Kit LOVATO RGE for carburettor cars (excl. mixer)


This non lambda controlled LPG system is suitable for cars with a carburettor.

Version RGE090: For Engine's up to 2.0L with a maximum of 125hp.

Version REG140: For Engine's larger than 2.0L with a maximum of 200hp.


This LPG conversion OMVL LPG engine kit is often used on European classics (Mercedes, Saab, Volvo, Citroen, BMW, Renault, Opel, Ford, etc.).


This set does not include a mixing piece. For good mixture formation and adjustment of the gas system it is important to use a good matching mixing piece for the car. It is also sometimes possible to use a spud-in. Provided it is placed correctly, it can also work well. (See the related products below on this page.)


Kit Content:

- LPG Reducer LOVATO RGE090 / RGE140 incl. brackets

- LPG Shut-off valve type Valtek 07

- Gas Hose

- Manual Flow Regulator for in Gas Hose

- LPG Switch + LED indicator and safety relay:   1. AEB 722 (Gas Starting Switch, programmable)

- Petrol Shut-off Valve 8mm hose connection

- Petrol hose 8mm internally

- 6m LPG Thermoplastic Piping 6mm / 8mm

- Coolant Hose 15mm

- 2 x Coolant T-pieces

- Small fixation material: Hose clamps, pipe brackets, screws, bolts and nuts etc.


Frequently applied on various classic models of car makes:


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