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LPG-Tank Cylindrical 45L (300 x 720) GZWM 4 hole Type incl. tank Valves


LPG-Tank Cylindrical 45 Liter (300 x 720) GZWM 4 Hole type incl. tank Valves (Gas Tight Housing Optional)


Suitable for installation inside or below the vehicle


Choose: With or Without Gas Tight Housing



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261,24 €


326,55 €

  • With Gas Tight Housing
  • Without Gas Tight Housing

Data sheet

Application:Suitable for in and under the car
Attention!Have this Product installed by an authorized specialist!
Note:Gas Tight Housing is necessary when tank is fitted inside the vehicle. It's not required when tank is fitted outside in the open air.
Recommendation:If the tank is fitted underneath the car, apply an undercoating to protect the tank and have a longer lifespan.
LPG Pump:Suitable for most LPG-systems: Landi Renzo, Vogels VGI, Eurogas, Prins VSI, BRC, Romano, Tartarini, AEB, Etc. -This type of LPG Tank has NO LPG Pump. Not suitable for Vialle.

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LPG Cylinder Tank 45 Liter (300 x 720) 4 GZWM Hole type - including Tank Valves (Gas Tight Housing Optional)


Horizontally positioned LPG cylinder tank made of steel suitable for LPG.
Suitable for cars on LPG. Not for Camper / Leisure vapor tank.

Volume 45 liter.
Dimensions:  Ø 300 mm x Lenght: 720 mm.

Approval: E20 67R-010610


LPG tank four-hole cylindrical with gas-tight Housing (optional). This tank is suitable for mounting in the trunk of teh vehicle or under the car.


The LPG tank is equipped with the following fittings / connections:

- Shut Off Valve
- Overpressure Valve
- Tank Level Meter (Floater)
- 80% Filling Stop
- Gas Tight Housing (Optional)



There is liquid LPG coming from the tank.

Suitable for cars that run on LPG. (Tube absorbs LPG from the bottom of the tank)


Gas Tight Housing optional at extra cost:



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