LPG-Tank Cylindrical 120L (400x1100) GZWM 4-Hole incl. Tank Fittings


Type: GZWM ZC400/120P - 4-Hole incl. Tank Fittings
Approval: E20 67R-010622
Tank capacity: Gross 120 L (80%=96L)
Dimensions: Ø400mm x Length: 1100mm
Mounting: By means off Tank Frame and Straps


Choose: With or Without Gas Tight Housing

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Application:Suitable for in and under the car
Attention!Have this Product installed by an authorized specialist!
Note:Gas Tight Housing is necessary when tank is fitted inside the vehicle. It's not required when tank is fitted outside in the open air.
Recommendation:If the tank is fitted underneath the car, apply an undercoating to protect the tank and have a longer lifespan.
LPG Pump:Suitable for most LPG-systems: Landi Renzo, Vogels VGI, Eurogas, Prins VSI, BRC, Romano, Tartarini, AEB, Etc. -This type of LPG Tank has NO LPG Pump. Not suitable for Vialle.
Right of WithdrawalWhen connecting (Electric, Gas or coolant) to this product, the right of withdrawal expires.
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LPG Cylinder Tank 120 Liter (Ø400 x 1100) 4-GZWM Hole type - including Tank Valves (Gas Tight Housing Optional)


This type of LPG tank releases liquid LPG which is used as car fuel. This gas tank is equipped with 4 fittings; an 80% filling stop with a non-return valve, a pressure relief valve (blow-off valve), an electric extraction valve, a tank meter. An optional gas-tight housing (tank box) encloses these fittings and can collect any vent gases. A tank sensor is optionally available to view the tank content on the dashboard. A filling hose can be connected to the 80% filling valve with elbow, which is connected to a filling connection on the vehicle. Please study the information below carefully.


Type: GZWM ZC400/120P - 4-Hole incl. Tank Fittings
Approval: E20 67R-010622
Tank capacity: Gross 120 L (80%=96L)
Dimensions: Ø400mm x Length: 1100mm
Gross Weight Empty: 45.5 kg
Mounting: By means off Tank Frame and Straps
Tank position: Horizontal (with the mark in the correct position)


Tank Fittings (Tank Valves):
Position of the Appendages: Centrally placed at 52 degrees
- Electrical Extraction Valve with coupling 5/16"UNF - 1/2"-20 SAE 45°Flare Male (12.5mm)
- Pressure relief valve 27 bar
- Tank meter (standard without tank sensor)
- 80% fill stop with knee with coupling 1/2"UNF - 3/4"-16 SAE 45°Flare Male (19mm)
- Gas-tight Housing (Tank box) (Optionally available at extra cost)
NB! First check very carefully which type of LPG tank and which dimensions you need and which fits in your car. Exchanging an LPG tank is very difficult since transport (per pallet) is expensive. (Pick up in Eindhoven is also possible.) Any return costs are for your own account.


Application: This type of LPG tank produces liquid LPG which is used as car fuel. Suitable for placement in the trunk (Transverse or Longitudinal) depending on the available space and wishes, or under the car if there is room for it.
Suitable for most LPG systems: Landi Renzo, Vogels VGI, Eurogas, Prins VSI, BRC, Romano, Tartarini, AEB, etc.
NB! This type of LPG Tank has NO LPG Pump and is NOT suitable for Vialle LPi, for example.


Gas-tight Housing option: A tank box (fittings box) is used to collect any vented gases through the pressure relief valve and then to be able to discharge them via a vent hose and a bottom vent. A gas-tight housing is required if the LPG tank is placed in the interior of the car (e.g. in the trunk). A gas-tight housing is not necessary if the LPG tank is placed outside the cabin. For example: in the understructure or in the open box of a Pickup. Then the LPG tank can blow off directly into the open air.


Tank sensor: A tank sensor fits on the outside of the tank meter and rotates with the magnetic field of the tank meter and thus varies an elec. resistance value. The correct resistance curve for your car depends on the type of LED indicator and the gas system. Your application is unknown to us, therefore NO tank sensor is supplied as standard. When replacing, you can in principle simply transfer your current tank sensor from your old tank to the new tank. You can order a 0-90 Ohm sensor (most common type) separately. The tank does not need to be opened to insert or transfer the tank sensor. This is on the outside and is secured by means of two small screws.


Tank Fixation: Choose a suitable tank frame and lashing straps for this product to mount your LPG cylinder tank or LPG vapor tank.


Correct Installation! Have this Product installed by an authorized specialist! apply the safety guidelines, such as a sufficiently strong attachment and the minimum free space. Find more information about the correct installation and mounting of an LPG Vapor Tank (cylinder) in the downloads.
TIP! In case of substructure Tank Fixation (below vehicle): The tank and valves should be provided with a protective coating for longer life. Repeat this annually.
NB! A Tank Certificate is included with every new LPG Tank. This is usually stuck on the box or on the tank itself. This contains information about, among other things, the approval, production date and serial number. This document is unique and very difficult to obtain again. So keep it very well! You may need it during the inspection of your car. Alternatively, download the 67R-01 approval document for this type of tank.
Weight: Due to a weight above 30 kg, this product can only be sent via a pallet. The shipping costs depend on the delivery destination and the total weight of the order. You can see the shipping costs by placing the product(s) in the shopping cart and specifying the destination.


Alternatively, it is also possible to pick up this product in Eindhoven (Ekkersrijt).In this case there are of course no additional transport costs. When picking up, it is necessary that you have first made the order and the online payment with us. Only then will the tank be prepared for you and you will receive a message from us when and where exactly you can come and collect the LPG tank.

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