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LPG GAS Filter 12mm + Extra Filter element - Replaces: BRC FJ1 HE



LPG GAS Filter 12mm + Extra Filter element - Replaces: BRC FJ1 HE


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LPG GAS Filter 12mm + Extra Filter element - Replaces: BRC FJ1 HE

Housing + filter element + Extra filter element

Housing: Ø50 mm
Length: 81mm  - Total length: 126mm
Connections in- & outlet: Ø12 mm (for gas hose with internal diameter 12mm)


Approval Numbers:

E20 67R-010663 Class 2

E20 110R-000031 Class 2



Replaces the LPG Filter of M.T.M. s.r.l. BRC Equipment  "FJ1 HE" GAS FILTER

Connections: 12mm / 12mm

Approval Numbers:

E13 67R-010168 Class 2

E13 110R-00009 Class 2



Replacement period:
The filter lasts a maximum of 20,000 km. Preferably replace the filter earlier.
This replacement period applies with an average engine capacity of approximately 1.8L. Larger engines use more gas, which means the gas filter needs to be replaced sooner.
It is also possible that the LPG contains a lot of contamination (with oil and fats) at some refueling, which means that it is necessary to replace the filter earlier. Take this into account.
The timely replacement of the gas filter is necessary to prevent contamination of the gas system and gas injectors.
Background information regarding problem with gas injectors:
In most cases, the problem is caused by the injectors being contaminated with paraffin (oils and fats from the LPG). The filter in front of the injectors must ensure that the injectors do not get dirty quickly. This filter will eventually become saturated and must be replaced in time. If the filter is not replaced, the paraffin will no longer be captured and end up in the injectors.
It is not the case that the injectors leak or stop opening. But the opening and closing times are no longer correct. The injectors remain open longer than they should (with dynamic behavior), so that too much fuel is dosed. (too rich mixture = high CO)
The injectors will then deviate, especially with short injection times (low engine load). The engine starts messy and there are too large differences between the injectors. Cleaning the injectors often makes no sense, because there is often too much wear in the injector, as a result of which the guide of the plunger (sealing disk) no longer has the correct fit. The plunger no longer goes up and down smoothly, but that is faltering and wobbling.
If the injectors are replaced without replacing the filter, the new injectors will quickly become dirty again. (read symptom relief, no long-term solution)


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