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LPG-Hose Thermoplastic 8mm compression fittings (M12x1)


LPG-Hose Thermoplastic 8mm compression fittings (M12x1)

Choose the required length: 6 or 8 metres


More details

  • 6m
  • 8m

More info

LPG-Hose Thermoplastic 8mm compression fittings (M12x1)

Is used instead of a 8mm copper pipe

Supplied with 3 x fittings (2 x straight + 1 x Angular) This way one can choose how to apply and connect the piping. (See pictures)

The fittings are complete with the compression fittings (M12x1) and 6mm bicono and fit tomost 6mm LPG-connections such as on reducers, shut-off valves and multivalves.


Outer diameter terminal fitting pipe: Ø8 mm

Outer diameter plastic pipe: ≈ Ø12,5 mm

Inner diameter plastic pipe: ≈ Ø6,5 mm


Length: 6 / 8 Meters (choose when ordering) (Can be shortened at any required length, before having fitted the connectors.


Suitable for: LPG-Tanks with a Multivale 6mm connection (M12x1)(outlet) and  shut-off valves, reducers, etc with a 8mm (M12x1) connection.


Not suitable for: LPG-Tanks 4 hole version with a service valve with a flare connection (conical). Use the LPG-Hose with conical (Flare) connection instead.

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