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LPG-Tank Toroidal 43,5L (580x225) 1-Hole Multivalve


LPG-Tank Toroidal 43,5 Liter (580x225) 1-Hole Multivalve

Suitable for horizontally installation at spare wheel location. (Inside - Not below)


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279,28 €

  • With Multivalve
  • Without Multivalve

Data sheet

Application:Suitable for internal installation in trunk (Horizontally). Not for underneath the car.
CharacteristicMultivale Internally at 30 Degrees in central part
Attention!Have this Product installed by an authorized specialist!
LPG Pump:Suitable for most LPG-systems: Landi Renzo, Vogels VGI, Eurogas, Prins VSI, BRC, Romano, Tartarini, AEB, Etc. -This type of LPG Tank has NO LPG Pump. Not suitable for Vialle.

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LPG-Tank Toroidal 43,5 Liter (580x225) 1-Hole Multivalve 30 Degrees


LPG-Tank Toroidal 43,5 Liter Multivalve 30 degrees in central part

Horizontal positioning


Approval Number: E20 67R-010411

Dimensions: 43,5L ( Ø580mm x Height = 225mm)


This product contains the following parts:

- LPG tank
- Tank certificate
- Gas-tight lid
- Mounting screws
- Vent pipe
- Associated Multivalve (Optional at extra cost)
Suitable for horizontally installation at the location of the spare wheel. (For inside the vehicle - NOT Below the car)

When selecting the correct tank, pay attention to the maximum diameter and the height of the tank. Make sure the tank fits well in the vehicle.


LPG tank Ringtank MV

Doorsnede LPG Tang Ringtank MV

Optionally: Multivalve OMB MK4:
Approval Number: E4 R67-01 0238

Multivalve LPG Tank Ringtank


Door (Alphen, Netherlands) op25 Jan. 2016 (LPG-Tank Toroidal 43,5L (580x225) 1-Hole Multivalve) :


Nieuwe tank geplaatst.Goedkoop hier! Zeer tevreden.

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Installing multivalve

Installing instructions multivalve

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