2x 24,5L LPG MV Gas bottle set Lightweight Composite MultiValve 80% filling stop + Optional Filling set


This refillable light weight LPG gas bottle is ideal for use in all kinds of gaseous applications. Multivalve, the tank has separate connections for both filling and removal.

Type: 2 x MultiValve 80% Fill Stopper
Empty weight: 2 x 6.5 kg
Tank Capacity: 2 x Gross 24.5L (80%=19.6L)
Dimensions: 2 x Ø310mm x Height: 583mm


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2x 24,5L LPG MV Gas bottle set Lightweight Plastic MultiValve 80% filling stop + Optional Filling set


Very handy for your Camper, Motorhome, Caravan, Patio or Terrace. To provide your gas stove, heating, refrigerator, BBQ, etc. with Butane and Propane gas. Refillable with LPG with a maximum of 80% filling and equipped with a pressure relief valve and therefore safe. The composite material (Plastic) ensures that the bottle is robust and corrosion-free and suitable for permanent outdoor living. The gas cylinder is approved for 10 years, followed by a 10-year inspection interval. This gas bottle with a MultiVale has the additional advantage of a separate gas inlet from the outlet. (not suitable for gas collection in liquid form).

ADVANTAGE of MultiValve Gas Cylinder:
Are you looking for a gas bottle for a permanent place (for example in your motorhome or caravan) and do you not want to have to change the connection (from filling to consumption and vice versa), then using a MultiValve gas bottle such as this product is the best option for you. This type of gas bottle has a separate inlet (with 80% filling plug) and a separate outlet to which you can permanently keep the pressure regulator or high-pressure hose / pipe connected.

Type: 2 x MultiValve 80% Filling stop Composite
Approval number: CZ-08.488.297 #04 (2010/35/EU) - 10 years TÜV approval
Construction Standard: ISO 11119-3:2002
Gas bottle Appendages: MultiValve: 80% Fill Stop Decrease Measurement Overpressure
Empty weight: 2 x 6.5 kg
Tank Capacity: 2 x Gross 24.5L (80%=19.6L)
Dimensions: 2 x Ø310 mm x Height: 583 mm
Input Connector: 1/2UNF - 3/4-16 SAE 45°Flare Male (19mm) Angled
Output Connector: SHELL Male G.12 (W21.8 x 1/14 lh)
Outlet pressure: 3 - 27 bar (depending on temperature)
Pressure class: Up to 30 bar
Safety features: 80% filling plug, pressure relief valve 26-27 bar, antistatic, outflow limiter
Material: Plastic (Composite)
Position: Standing
Tank content indicator: Equipped with tank clock. But also the semi-translucent gas bottle shows you how much gas is left.


IMPORTANT: The cylinder is filled with compressed air. Empty the cylinder before the first filling.

Gas bottle tap and security:
Position of the gas cylinder valve: Centrally placed at the top.
- Gas Inlet: 1/2"UNF - 3/4"-16 SAE 45°Flare Male (19mm) Angled with 80% Fill Plug Internal.
- Gas output: Shell Male G.12 (W21.8 1/14 LH) with hand tap

Very safe due to the following facilities:
- 80% filling limiter with non-return valve
- Pressure relief valve 26-27 bar
- Antistatic so no elec. discharges
- Outflow limitation
These features make this refillable LPG gas bottle much safer than an ordinary non-refillable gas bottle.


This refillable light weight Composite LPG gas bottle is ideal for use in all kinds of applications of gaseous LPG. The composite material (plastic) ensures that the bottle is suitable for permanent outdoor living. It's robust, rust-free and has a 10 year approval!


Thanks to the use of a Multivalve, the tank has separate connections for both filling and withdrawal. So you can leave the optional gas filter and pressure regulator connected to the gas bottle during filling.


Due to the low empty weight of only 5.9kg, the gas cylinder is particularly suitable as a mobile storage of LPG for use in various craftsmanship, construction work and camping and leisure activities, etc. (Boats, Campers and Caravans, BBQ, Pation heating, etc. Burners)


The semi-translucent gas bottle shows you how much gas is left. The tank also has a level measurement gauge.

Thanks to the MultiValve, no more than 80% can be filled. This guarantees safety. And there is a separate withdrawal connection (G.12 SHELL) with a manual shut-off valve.


OPTIONAL: Double LPG filling set for 2x MultiValve Gas Bottle external filler with 4m plastic pipe:

This allows you to fill the gas bottle without removing the tank from the vehicle. You can fill the tank directly by means of an external connection and a pipe.

Vulset gasfles

Schema dubbele vulset MultiValve gasflessen


Do you prefer to use a filling hose with fixed couplings? Then look here.
For various filling connections, look here.
If you also want to be able to fill in other countries, look here.

To be able to fix your gas bottle in your camper, caravan or food truck, mounting straps are often already present. But these are generally not very strong and safe. Instead, we advise you to use a sturdy mounting bracket that fixes the gas bottle(s) properly and securely in the vehicle.



  • Maximum 80% filling, the filling automatically stops at 80& fillint rate.
  • Non-return valve that allows the tank to be filled during filling will ensure that the LPG will not flow back out of the bottle when disconnected.
  • Overpressure safety: If the pressure would exceed the maximum pressure, the overpressure valve will open and release some pressure to reduce the pressure in the tank.

Test have proven that the tank will not explode when in fire. It will release gas by the overpressure valve in a controlled manner.


Please note that in some countries (Italy and a number of former Eastern Block countries) selfservice LPG refueling is not permitted. This may only be done by the authorized personnel at the gas station. Ask for the rules of each country where you want to refuel.


General safety advice for LPG:

     - Always keep the gas bottle upright.
     - Do not drop the gas bottle from your vehicle as it may damage the bottle or the couplings.
     - Do not store the gas bottle in the vicinity of an open flame.
     - Do not use or store below ground level. Leaked gas will accumulate at a low level.
     - The storage must be well ventilated, preferably outside.
     - Do not use any tools to open the tap.
     - Check the hoses regularly and see if the cylinder is properly secured. If the hoses are damaged or show signs of wear, replace the hoses (use the correct quality hoses).

Note: Filling may be only permitted at and by authorized filling stations.

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