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Xtreme Protect Valve Saver Fluid 5 liter Valve lubricant refill

Xtreme Protect 5L


Use the Xtreme Protect Valve Saver Fluid (valve lubricating oil) to top up your valve lubrication system. Xtreme Protect is often used in combination with Vogel's VGI / VDI or Lovato gas systems.

Brand: Xtreme Protect
Contents: 5 Liter
Country of manufacture: Germany

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Xtreme Protect Valve Saver 5 Liter Valve Lubricant Refill


Use the Xtreme Protect Valve Saver Fluid to refill your valve lubrication system. Xtreme Protect is often used in combination with Vogel's VGI / VDI or Lovato gas systems. The packaging contains stickers to stick in the warranty booklet of your Vogels Gas system for the benefit of the warranty.

The valves are protected, the cylinder head is lubricated and remains clean.
Xtreme Valve Saver Fluid (valve lubricating oil) extends the life of the valves and valve seats, it ensures that wear on the valves is minimized. The powerful cleaning additives ensure that the deposits on the valves are regulated, reducing the risk of pre-ignition due to hot deposits in the combustion chamber. The lubricant ensures that the engine has a longer life and continues to perform optimally.



If your car has a standard mechanical (vacuum) valve lubrication system. Then you can adjust it yourself by further opening or closing the tap above the sight glass. The standard setting is about 10 drops per minute with the engine running at idle. As the engine is larger or more sensitive to valve wear, we recommend that you increase the adjustment. Do not forget to secure the tap properly again after adjustment, so that it does not go easily again.


TIP! Use a proper funnel to refill your flashlube reservoir in your car. Do not fill it beyond the maximum, otherwise the fluid may slosh out while driving.

TIP! We recommend using a valve lubricant manifold in conjunction with your valve lubrication system. With a manifold you can distribute the valve lubricating oil well and evenly over all cylinders of the engine and you are sure that all valves and seats are provided with lead substitute. Practice shows that cars with a single connection to the intake manifold do not have a good distribution, with the result that certain less equipped cylinders still wear extra.

TIP! Preferably do not store the large jugs (2.5L /5L /10L) in your car. The cap can leak and the liquid is very difficult to wash out of the upholstery and has a very unpleasant smell. Preferably use a clean and dry (beverage) bottle of, for example, 0.5 L and which closes well, into which you pour the valve lubricating fluid.


Background information regarding valve lubrication:

Cars that run on LPG or CNG (natural gas) can suffer from extra valve and seat wear compared to the normal wear and tear like on petrol. The main reason for this is that LPG and CNG do not contain the additives that petrol does, namely lead-replaced lubricants. Lead used to be added to gasoline to protect valves and seats from wear, but lead was found to cause serious health problems and has since been replaced by lead substitutes that have taken over lead's lubricating role. A valve lubricant (Valve Saver Fluid) contains these types of additives just like gasoline. However, it is difficult to add the valve lubricant directly to the fuel (LPG / CNG). That is why these additives are added to a type of oil that functions as a "carrier" and the valve lubricant is closed to the intake manifold by means of a separate system (a valve lubrication system) to allow it to flow into the engine with the air.

There are again different types of valve lubrication systems and manifolds that can be selected depending on the application and the valve wear sensitivity of the engine. Read more about this in the "Valve lubrication systems" category.

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