12.7L Refillable composite OPD LPG gas bottle with 80% valve filling stop


Refillable with LPG with a maximum of 80% filling and equipped with a pressure relief valve and therefore safe. The composite material ensures that the bottle is robust and corrosion-free

Type: OPD 80% Fill Plug Plastic
Empty weight: 4,0 kg
Capacity: Gross 12,7L (80%=10,2L)
Dimensions: Ø310mm x Height: 380mm

- With direct filling adapter
- No extra's
- With Filling set 3m pipe

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Right of WithdrawalWhen connecting (Electric, Gas or coolant) to this product, the right of withdrawal expires.
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24.5L Refillable composite LPG OPD gas bottle with 80% OPD valve filling stop




Very handy for your Camper, Motorhome, Caravan, Patio or Terrace. To provide your gas stove, heating, refrigerator, BBQ, etc. with Butane and Propane gas. Refillable with LPG with a maximum of 80% filling and equipped with a pressure relief valve and therefore safe. The composite material (Plastic) ensures that the bottle is robust and corrosion-free and suitable for permanent outdoor living. The gas cylinder is approved for 10 years, followed by a 10-year inspection interval.


Type: OPD 80% Fill Plug Plastic
Approval number: CZ-08.488.297 #04 (2010/35/EU) - 10 years TÜV approval
Construction Standard: ISO 11119-3:2002
Empty weight: 4,0 kg
Tank Capacity: Gross 12,7L (80%=10,2L)
Dimensions: Ø310 mm x Height: 380 mm
Safety features: 80% Fill plug, Pressure relief valve 26-27 bar, Antistatic
Gas bottle Appendages: OPD: 80%-fill stop Hand valve Pressure relief valve
Input Connector: SHELL Male G.12 (W21.8 x 1/14 lh)
Output connection: = input
Outlet pressure: 3 - 27 bar (depending on temperature)
Pressure class: Up to 30 bar
Material: Plastic (Composite)
Position: Standing
The semi translucent gas bottle shows you how much gas is left.


IMPORTANT: The gas cylinder is filled with compressed air upon arrival. Empty the gas bottle before filling it with gas.

Gas bottle tap and security:
Position of the gas cylinder valve: Centrally placed at the top.
- Gas inlet = Gas outlet: Shell Male G.12 (W21.8 1/14 LH) with Hand Tap

Very safe due to the following facilities:
- Overfill Protection Device (OPD) maximum fill of 80%
- Pressure relief valve 26-27 bar
- Antistatic so no elec. discharges
These features make this refillable LPG gas bottle much safer than an ordinary non-refillable gas bottle.

Application: Gaseous LPG (Propane and Butane gas) comes from this type of LPG gas bottle, which is used as an energy source in, for example, Campers, Caravans and Food trucks. The plastic gas bottle with OPD (Overfill Protection Device = 80% fill limiter) is designed and intended to be used as a refillable stationary gas bottle for vapor gas collection (not suitable for liquid gas collection).


You can choose to optionally order a filling adapter or an outer filling set with this gas bottle, which makes it possible to connect the LPG gas bottle to an LPG filling station. (see the images)

Optional Fill Adapter:
The Direct Fill Adapter is a brass adapter that you can screw directly onto the gas bottle and on the other end of which there is a bayonet connection with internal W21.8 thread, on which you can screw on a foreign filling nipple.

Optional Outer Fill Kit
Very handy to be able to fill both LPG gas bottles at the same time and safely. The outer filling set consists of a Shell coupling for the gas bottle to a plastic pipe (3mtr) that can be made to length yourself. At the other end, connect the outside filling connection, which can be fixed in the sheet metal or under the vehicle using the mounting bracket supplied. This filling connection is directly suitable for Italy and France. The supplied bayonet (NL, UK, etc.) can be screwed onto this filling connection. Subsequently, additional foreign nipples fit on it by means of the W21.8 screw thread. (For our Belgian customers, we immediately send an ACME nipple instead of a bayonet.)

Advantages of this universal filling set:

     - Very universally applicable and therefore always suitable for your motorhome or caravan
     - More than sufficient pipe length that can be shortened as desired
     - Filling connection recessed in sheet metal or under the vehicle using the supplied bracket
     - Very high quality thanks to Automotive ECE 67R-01 certification
     - Easy to install yourself
     - Complete with pipe brackets to fix everything neatly


The plastic pipe can be shortened to the desired length. Use a good sharp hose cutter or else a cutter for this. Cut the pipe neatly straight.

Additional Abroad filling nipples:
Do you also want to be able to fill in other countries where bayonet connection is not used? Then we recommend that you immediately order here.

You can choose which one you want to add.

An OPD GAS BOTTLE has one connection for filling the gas bottle as well as for taking off the gas. Just like, for example, you refill a water bottle and then drink from it again.
You must therefore first fill the gas bottle, then remove the filling connection and then connect a pressure regulator (or supply pipe) to it.

If you are looking for a gas bottle for a permanent place (for example in your camper or caravan) and you do not want to change the connection (from filling to consumption and vice versa), then the use of a MULTIVALVE GAS BOTTLE may be a better option for you. This type of gas bottle has a separate entrance (with 80% filling plug) and another exit to which you can permanently keep the pressure regulator or supply line connected.  


IMPORTANT: The cylinder is filled with compressed air. Empty the
cylinder before the first filling.


Optional at extra cost:



Shell - Direct Fill adapter (W21,8 internal thread for other adapters) (see all images):

LPG vuladapter shell 

Vuladapter Bajonet



LPG-Filling set for gas bottles Gasfles - 3m hose (see all images):

This allows you to fill the gas bottle without removing the tank from the vehicle. You can directly fill the tank through an extrene connection and a pipe.

LPG vulset gasfles buitenvuller


Also find adapters for other countries below at accessoires



  • Maximum 80% filling, the filling automatically stops at 80& fillint rate.
  • Non-return valve that allows the tank to be filled during filling will ensure that the LPG will not flow back out of the bottle when disconnected.
  • Overpressure safety: If the pressure would exceed the maximum pressure, the overpressure valve will open and release some pressure to reduce the pressure in the tank.
  • Anti static function

Test have proven that the tank will not explode when in fire. It will release gas by the overpressure valve in a controlled manner.


Filling instructions:

1. Close the tank valve.

2. Mount the filling adapter or the filler hose on the tank. (If necessary, first dismantle the supply pipe if present.)

3. Connect the filling gun to the filling coupling.

4. Open the tank valve again.

5. Fill the tank with the desired amount.

6. Close the tank valve after refueling.

7. Disconnect the filling gun and the filling line / filling coupling piece.

8. Reconnect the gas withdrawal pipe to the tank.


Please note that in some countries (Italy and a number of former Eastern Block countries) selfservice LPG refueling is not permitted. This may only be done by the authorized personnel at the gas station. Ask for the rules of each country where you want to refuel.

General safety advice for LPG:

     - Always keep the gas bottle upright.
     - Do not drop the gas bottle from your vehicle as it may damage the bottle or the couplings.
     - Do not store the gas bottle in the vicinity of an open flame.
     - Do not use or store below ground level. Leaked gas will accumulate at a low level.
     - The storage must be well ventilated, preferably outside.
     - Do not use any tools to open the tap.
     - Check the hoses regularly and see if the cylinder is properly secured. If the hoses are damaged or show signs of wear, replace the hoses (use the correct quality hoses).

Note: Filling may be only permitted at and by authorized filling stations.

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