Reduced price! Spanbandenset 20mm Breed voor montage van LPG-Cilindertank met RDW goedkeuring t/m 150L View larger

Lashing strap set 20mm wide for cylinder tank mounting (2x Tank strap + mounting material).



Lashing strap set incl. mounting material for making 2 lashing straps (Tank straps). For LPG cylinder tank mounting (vapor tanks) i.c.w. a suitable tank frame. The steel tank straps are provided with plastic insulation.


Type: Steel Lashing Strap
Dimensions: Width: 20mm x Length: 200cm

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Attention!Have this Product installed by an authorized specialist!
Recommendation:If the tank is fitted underneath the car, apply an undercoating to protect the tank and have a longer lifespan.
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Lashing strap set 20mm wide for mounting LPG cylinder tank with RDW approval up to 150L


Lashing strap set incl. mounting material for making 2 tank straps.

The two tank straps in this set each have a length of 200cm. The set comes with mounting materials.

Type: Steel Lashing Strap
Dimensions: Width: 20mm x Length: 200 cm

Product Content:
2x tank band, each with a length of 200 cm
4x Clamping bracket with M8 screw thread
8x M8 Nut + Washers

Application: To be used in combination with a tank frame (tank rack) for installing an LPG cylinder tank (LPG vapor tank) with a tank diameter of at least 270mm and at most 400mm. Use the RDW installation requirements for a correct and safe installation.


Required number of lashing straps per type of LPG cylinder tank

Tank diametervolumeNumber of straps
Alluntil 85L 2 x
until 400mmuntil 170L 4 x
until 450mmuntil 140L 4 x
alluntil 230L 6 x


For LPG cylinder tanks above 150L we advise to fix them using a special tank bracket set. You will also find this product on this website. See Accessories below.

This product should be used in combination with a tank frame / tank rack for fixing an LPG cylinder tank.

See the approval document at the bottom of this page under downloads for specifications.

Use the RDW regulations for the entire mounting of the LPG tank. See downloads at the bottom of this page.

Assembly instructions:
The strap (tank strap) goes over the tank and the ends of the strap go through the strap and then back around the tank, but under the previously mentioned part of the strap that you just applied. The ends of the lashing straps therefore go through the lashing bracket and back under the same lashing strap with a minimum overlap of 15 cm (preferably more).

At the rear, the tension bracket is bolted to the tank frame. And at the front, the tension bracket with the bolt is fixed to the upright bracket on the tank frame, so that you can tension the tension strap by further tightening the bolt / nut. (See images for reference.)

No weakenings may be made in the lashing straps, for example by making a hole. The lashing straps may only be attached using the intended and supplied lashing brackets.

Number of straps: The LPG tank must be attached to the tank frame with at least two tank straps. If the tank straps also bear the weight of the LPG tank, at least three tank straps must be fitted. However, we recommend using at least 4 lashing straps in that case. The tank straps are still sold per set (2 pieces). The exact number of tank bands to be used depends, among other things, on the tank capacity and the positioning of the LPG tank. Use and respect the RDW installation requirements for a correct installation.

Have the installation of the gas tank and the assembly of the tank frame done by an expert person or specialist company.

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