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Vapour Tank Fixation and Filling Kit for Cylindrical LPG Tanks


Is only supplied in combination with a LPG cylinder tank

The tank mounting brackets are supplied in the same diameter as the ordered LPG Tank.




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Application:Suitable for in and under the car
Attention!Have this Product installed by an authorized specialist!
Note:Only supplied in combination with a matching tank
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Vapour Tank Fixation and Filling Kit for  Cylindrical LPG Tanks


Use this kit to mount a Cylindrical LPG tank in or under a vehicle and connect is to a filling point.

Set content:
- 2x Tank Brackets + insulation foam (Suitable for the orded LPG tank)
- Filling Point (type W21,8 Angled + Bayonet adapter)
- Filling hose (Choose the desired filling hose length)
- Filling hose clamps for fixing your filling hose
- Mounting material Bolts, nuts, self-tapping screws, hose clamps
- Ventilation hose To be connected to the tank box of the LPG tank (LPG built-in)
- Bottom air vent To connect the vent hose and to be able to carry the gases out through the bottom.


Basic Assembly Instructions:
Foot-mount the mounting brackets to a strong and rigid part of the vehicle with a sufficient number and strength of bolts.

The gas tank must not make any metallic contact with the tank brackets. Therefore, install insulation in the tank brackets so that the tank cannot make metal-to-metal contact with the brackets. Sticky foam insulation is included. Apply to the inside of the mounting brackets.

Bend open the mounting brackets slightly to allow the gas tank to be placed in it.

Carefully determine the position of the gas tank. Pay close attention to the marking (cross with arrow) on the gas tank for correct positioning for proper operation of the gas tank. The marker indicates the top and horizontal center plane. And pay close attention to the position of the flanges of the brackets in relation to the tank fittings (tank box), so that the incoming and outgoing pipes are not blocked. Use a sufficient number of bolts of the correct quality for a sufficiently strong construction.
No weakenings may be made in the mounting brackets, for example by making a hole in them.
Use and respect the RDW installation requirements / NPR-2577 guidelines for correct installation.

A steel (or aluminum) LPG tank must not make metallic contact with the mounting brackets. Therefore it is necessary to apply an insulating layer between the tank and the brackets. You can use the supplied adhesive foam for this.
Provide the entire tank installation with a protective coating as soon as everything is properly fixed. This is particularly important in the case of substructures. This extends the life of the tank and construction. Preferably repeat this annually.
Have the gas tank installed by an expert person or specialist company.
Have the entire installation inspected by a competent authority.

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